Take Time

Sometimes you have to say fuck it and go for the fun moments. Life gets stressful and if you go to work if you don't really love what you do or you just work for jackasses like I do that don't care about employees and think of you as a parasite trying to get at their money. Stress can build up fast. 

You lose site of who you are what makes you you. You start to become another zombie. The only cure is to say fuck it and take time to be you.  

I've come to realize that this past year. I get stuck in these ruts trying to make money and save up to get out of my det that I just loose all energy. It's when when I call in and work on my own projects or go out with friends and not worry about money and how I'm going to afford my future that I actually feel happy and gain myself back. Living in the now is my place it's the only place I have found that makes me happy. I know my future will fall into place but it can't if I constantly worry it won't.  

Words that have stuck with me and helped me realize this was don't look at your paycheck and compare his much more you make in overtime because then you will constantly play the game and try to work longer and loose yourself. You can't truly live working 15 hour shifts and only have 3 hours to be yourself. Make time to work but always be yourself.  

Have fun friends and don't get stuck playing the overtime game. Be yourself because to be who you want to be you must first have fun and be yourselves.