Throw the Blame Game

I find it kind of funny how you can tell someone repeatedly that something isn't going to happen or it's going to take longer than they think and they still try to rush you to get it done and then it's your fault you got it done when you said you would. 

At work one of my many hats I throw onto my head is shipping. Well we had three things to ship one thing sadly I said wasn't going to ship because we wouldn't have it built all the way till tomorrow. Yet they still call the truck and well when he got here they said oh well come back in an hour and he did. It still wasn't going to be ready and they told him to come back three other times. Another shipment I was doing I said would take two hours and yet they called the truck to be here in 30 minutes. Which I laughed and and then they changed part of the order so I said tack another hour on to it.  

Funny thing is I did it in the time I said it would. But yet still my fault that I did it as fast as I could and was done when I said I would.  

Blame is so easy to throw around when you don't want to be at fault. Any else have Shit like this happen at their jobs? You want to share it with the class? Comment below or post on my facebook page. Mmmpapameowmeow.