Making Time For Streams

Well streaming is fun playing games and having other people watch and talk with you. You meet some interesting people. The only hard part about it so far that I have found is making time to stream. 

Working in the morning I get out at 3:00 pm. And always try to keep it that way but sometimes I have to work late. Afterwords I have free time only problem is making the time to hang with friends and then go stream afterwords.  

Hanging out with my friends is something I like to do since we live together but we work different shifts so we rarely get to. When we hang I feel rude for saying we'll I have to go stream on some days I just loose track of time and forget about streaming.  

I really want to stick on a schedule with it that way my viewers. The friends I'm making that watch my stream know I'll be there and don't have to guess when I'll be on. Even though I post it to my twitter and fb a lot of them don't follow those. The more I stick to the schedule and do more than on it the bigger I can get and maybe I can quit my job and do it full time allowing me more friend time and more stream time.  

Streaming would be something I'd love to do full time. Streaming and YouTube are my favorite pass time and making content for them both is real fun. I enjoy knowing that someone out there has had a smile and a laugh at my stupidity.