Well I have a few goals in life and have already met one of them. The one I have succeeded in accomplishing so far is owning a VolksWagen Bus. But not just any a Deluxe Campmobile. 

After owning a VW bus comes my second goal and that is streaming gameplay and making my YouTube videos either professionally or on free time after work. Free time is what I'm doing now. But my goal isn't becoming the biggest and best. Mine is just to gather at least a small fan base and bring joy to them and make there days change around. I would love to get partnered by twitch but that's would be an accomplishment and an honor to me not a main goal but a side quest. Lol

Finally my last goal I know only three goals and 2 out of 3 to go lol. My final so fare is to have a nice family to come home to and retire at an old age living on a farm probably a dairy farm because I love cows and it's something my kids can joke about. "Well at least dad died doing what he loved playing with tits." Lol that's what my tombstone will say too. I just see that as a peaceful way to end. On a farm nice and quiet place. This is my ultimate goal even I'd I don't accomplish it. I will still be happy because I set a goal and will know all my life I've worked to achieve it and I never gave up.