When You Follow Your Dreams

Well my dream is to entertain and make people smile. So far I have been able to do that thanks to YouTube and Twitch. I don't get paid to stream games or post to YouTube but I don't need to. Just knowing I made at least one person smile brings me joy. Posting my silly and somewhat stupid videos helps me do that and also helps me get out of my shy shell. If I could afford to I'd love to buy more equipment to produce better videos for my viewers.

I hope to one day maybe make it my full time job. If I could focus on my channel 100% of the day rather than the few hours after work and weekends I could produce some great videos for people to watch and stream more often. This would allow me to focus on making more smiles every day.   

If you are one of my viewers. I just want to let you know I love and thank you. Without you I wouldn't be able to look forward to posting videos. Because of you I'm more motivated.