Well you want to know more about me. What are you some kind of stalker or something. Well I respect you for that lol. Well lets get started. About me. Me the person you want to know about. Well I'm 6 foot something tall, long blond hair, Manly beard, Hazel eye, oh and I love long walks on the beach. Oh you want less info oh OK yeah sorry forgot not my dating profile.

Well ok lets try this again. My name is William Blanton II yes yes I said my last name It doesn't bother me I'm not afraid of people finding me. What else oh yea my name for all my gaming and stuff like this site is Mmmpapameowmeow it's sort of my pimp name my friends gave me in middle school when I well dressed like a pimp in a fur coat with a cane, top hat, and chains. I know sounds bad ass but.. well it was. Well I love that name and hell even some family call me papameowmeow or papa and the occasional meowmeow well one brother called me meowmeow and that was before the Mmmpapameowmeow thing and well maybe that's why it stuck in my head.

Now you know my real name and stuff let me tell you my mother's maiden and my social. I'm just joking you want that then better marry me or at least get me real drunk. 

I'm going to guess you would like to know even more you wan't to know why I'm here. well on episode 2 I shall tell you.(to be continued)

EPISODE 2 (continued) lol. Well ok More about this person right here the one typing this stuff. Well I was born and raised in the lovely city of Fowlerville, Michigan. PS. I still reside there for now (in case the stalkers want to know). Well I have always been shy and to try to get out of my shell I started streaming occasional game play and doing small YouTube videos of which I fail at constantly. That brings me to this site, when I'm at work well I cant stream or do YouTube stuff so I figured why not start a site for my channel and maybe do a blog. I always have weird things on my mind and well sometimes I just feel like sharing them. So there you have it. If you want more about me stuff just well ask on any of my social sites linked bellow or send me an email im sure ill have a link to that somewhere or a comments page. lol

Maybe more info coming soon. Maybe only if I'm interesting enough. I hope you enjoy my site and my weirdness if not feel free to say so I don't mind being told I suck and well any criticism is good to help better what I do.