Well gang its happening.

I’m sorry about the content that gets posted or well lack there of content. I have been extremely distracted as of late with getting everything situated so I can move which has finally come. As I write this everything including all of my video production and streaming tools are all packed away safely in bubble wrap and In their own boxes.

Having all my things packed is probably why I’m actually writing on this blog. lol. In all seriousness though I’m going to miss this place. It wasn’t much but it was a place to call home and was my little safe place. looking at the bare wall where my green screen used to hang and the door covered in all kinds of foam for sound padding it all makes me remember when I first moved in here. The first little stream setup I was using, the poor all-in-one pc struggling to record videos as I pushed the thing as hard as I could.

My setup has changed so much since I moved in here and hopefully will change some more. It’s much needed. I started this venture on an all-in-one acer computer, not the best but worked. I soon upgraded to a Razer 2015 Blade Pro gaming laptop. Boy let me tell you that was a major upgrade for me. The laptop is still the one I use today for recording and editing. Sadly I don’t have a dedicated PC for my gaming. Once I save up enough money though I hopefully will be able to buy a gaming PC so I can give this laptop a break and produce even better content for you guys. But back to the setup changes lol, after upgrading to a better computer or well laptop I added a better mouse which got upgraded to an even better one thanks to the sales on my clothing site. After the mouse I upgraded to a keyboard instead of the built in one on the Blade so that I could us another monitor so I could have one screen dedicated to chat and the other to the game I was streaming. I still use the original Razer headphones I started with but I mostly use the upgraded version my friend bought me to support my channel. All my peripherals are Razer and will probably be Razer for a while the only thing that isn’t is my microphone which is a Blue Yeti which I also hope to upgrade to something a little better.

The most difficult part about this move is the fact that the area I most likely will be recording and streaming in won’t be very sound proof. Until I can afford to buy the proper soundproofing or even one of those throw up sound boxes my videos my not have the best audio or at least the cleanest audio which I always try to put out.

Taking my setup down and packing it away piece by piece has just made me want to produce videos more and I promise once I get everything set back up that’s just what I’ll do. Even though I don’t have that many followers on any of my social media or my YouTube and Twitch that won’t stop me. It’s because of you guys I was able to piece this setup together in the first place. Every donation on my Twitch and every sale on my site here has helped me afford to goof around and do something I love.

I hope with the new content I make my channel will grow enough to be able to afford to do this full time and afford to produce better content. That is truly my dream, To make somebody laugh, to brighten someones day and just make them smile. I love all of you guys and appreciate every single one of you.