Taking a New Step

Sorry I haven't been posting on here as much as I would like or have said I would do. I have been distracted by a lot of things and the upkeep of this site has slipped my grasp a little. From making videos, editing them, live streaming and making new designs for the store I got kind of lost.

Hopefully that will change soon. I've been working on scheduling out the week and trying to record and edit in advanced. It hasn't helped yet but that's because I spent the last two weeks at my parents helping them around their house. 

Things seem to be picking up though. New viewers are coming in on Twitch and YouTube. I'm happy the meowmeowgang is growing. I appreciate all that you guys have helped me do and all the encouragement and love you guys put out. I know streams have been sparse but that will hopefully change. As you guys remember I have been struggling with Anxiety for a long time now. It's not that my anxiety shows up when you guys chat or when I stream. It's the starting of the stream the panic of what to stream, if you will like it that makes me kind of not feel like streaming. It effects me more severely in public situations than it does online. I have finally now just got help for it. Instead of denying that it's there I'm opening up about it and hopefully the meds and soon counseling will help me with it.

For now it's a waiting game to see how everything effects me but that's not going to stop me from trying my hardest to make content and fun streams. Maybe it will help me get out of my shell more on stream. Until next time I love you guys.