Well I Started A New Thing.

Well today last night I started my clothing store shit. All designs are made by be because well I can't afford to pay other people. It's actually relaxing playing around in photoshop designing different things and imaging people wearing them.

I started the store based on a conversation I had with one of my viewers because I made a joke and said that should be on a shirt. Well pretty much they were like you say some pretty funny and messed up shit sometimes you should design your own clothing line. After a long conversation I decided why the hell not. Even if people don't buy them it doesn't hurt to put them out there and see where my editing skills grow to.

So yeah if you find yourself reading this why not go over and see what is on there so far and let me know what things I say or do you'd like me to make into a shirt design. I will try my best to make more and more interesting designs but until then thank you all so much for inspiring me to try new things.

Much love