Finding New Hopes

So I've been working on bettering my channel on YouTube and I really hope that I can keep my commitment of posting at least two videos a week. I mean yeah it has been two weeks since I posted one but that's due to my stupidity of not realizing what day it was and what not. Now I'm keeping track and going to work really hard at keeping a schedule.

I did get a video up to day, a kind of up to date on what's been happening and what not. So that is a good thing.

Something I just realized is no one visits this page really so its more like a personal journal rather than a traditional blog which I'm ok with. It kind of gives me some more ideas on what I can do with this site.

Blogging really doesn't seam like my thing because well I don't live an interesting life to talk about and don't get out to do things that much since I'm always broke. But hey there another thing I'm going to work on is posting at least once a week to this page. Making an up to date one what happened this week kind of thing or something so look forward to that.