Making A Plan

So over the past couple months I've been streaming game play from my Xbox one and my Razer laptop. I would have to say I've been enjoying every second I stream.

I enjoy streaming for plenty of reasons, the main reason being meeting new people and talking with other gamers. Also I enjoy the insight I get from other people as I try to finish a level that I suck at and can have them guide me.

It really brings joy to me that others at least I believe others enjoy my content. That is really my goal making people smile. So I've started to really try and think of a good schedule to keep for streaming and starting next week I plan on trying to stick with it. Only hard thing is figuring out which games to stream.

Currently I've been playing a lot of ESO on the Xbox and Minecraft on both pc and Xbox. Which isn't a problem besides I have no idea what a fun Minecraft server is so until I figure that out I may not stream it.