Searching For New Opportunity.

Kinda weird Hugh two posts in the same day. What is this I must be bored or something. Absolutely at work with nothing to do besides look at my rags. 

Last night I posted my resume on indeed a job search site. I've been browsing around there to see what might be ahead for me. Hell I even added a link to my website I guess we will see if that was a good call at not. I guess it will show how open I am.   

The only thing is I'm not too sure what I'm looking for next. I'd love something that pays good or at least allow my to pay my bills and buy some ramen. Lol. I'd love to have free time too so I can focus more time in here and on my YouTube stuff. I guess that's what I've become passionate about streaming games and what not.  

It would be nice to find a job over in Bakersfield California since that's where I want to live for a few years. Hell I'd love to work over there helping out a youtuber or something to gain more experience to better my channel. A big dream of mine would be to do voice acting. I think it would be fun and I wouldn't have to worry about looking good for the cameras too much.  

Well enough rambling for now. I took the first step to getting a new job. I guess now we wait and see what life has in store.