Review of VR-Box

So recently I made a drunk purchase. I would have to say it was a great one. I bought the VR-Box virtual reality headset for your phone. I use the HTC M9 and it fit perfectly. I had to finagle the cushions for the phone a bit to avoid hitting the power button but other than that it works great.

Before I get too far into it I do have to say it doesn't have the button on the headset so using some apps you have to pull the phone out to tap the screen. If you close your left eye and pull your phone out half way you can still see it without removing the headset. The controller that came with it works wonders on games that use it.

The fit of the headset for being cheap and made in china is amazing. It has cushions around the face but sadly none on the nose so it rubs there a bit. The headset has three straps which holds it nice and secure to your face. Another great quality is that it has a window for your phones camera so that you can use augmented reality apps.

One thing I will say you need to check out if you are of age is PornHub's app. They have a whole area dedicated to VR. I have to say it's amazing you can look around the room and all is in PV so you can be Batman watching Harley Quinn do some amazing things to you. Yes that's right Harley Quinn.

There is a review video I made up on YouTube.