First Day in Florida

The time came around again. The time my family heads down to Daytona Beach for vacation. Well we got here yesterday around Fourish but today was the first full day of being down here in this paradise.

I love it down here nice and warm, not a care in the world or a fuck to be had well to some at least.  I don't know how you can leave your problems in one state and be states away from all your worries but still get upset and not enjoy vacation. I mean if this is how you plan to be when going on a week long vacation to have fun then what's the point in going in the first place. But enough about the stupidity of others that can't enjoy the sun and the Fun.

This is the place I'd love to live if I wasn't set on moving out to Bakersfield California. The surf is always nice when we come down here and of course the sun is always shining. This week down here is long over due. With all the shit that has happened this past year. I'm glad I'm down here now.