Simple Decision & a Whole World of Opportunity.

Well recently I've decided to quit my job. It has become a simple decision over the past two weeks thanks to some decisions the owner of the dwindling company I work for made. 

I will say it will be sad leaving this place having worked here throughout highschool and coming in with my dad as a kid. That is one reason though that makes quitting for me easy. You see my dad was supervisor here but got fired for something that was not his fault but the owner's fault. That's all in another post but to get to the point. I enjoyed working with my father and he is what kept me around here. Keeping an eye on him for his health and just the plain old fun of working by his side. Never a dull day joking with him.  

Now that he no longer works here I'm not held back by the thoughts of what if something happens to him and nobody is there. Also without him here work has gone from joy to just menial tasks and unorganized management.  

Over the past years I have also been loosing respect for the owner and the other guy in the office that calls himself the safety supervisor or whatever. With the recent things that just happened and the way the owner goes about Shit mad me loose all respect for him. My dad talked to him about getting his vacation pay and the owner tells him he'd have him back if everyone didn't agree with him being fired. OK now the people I talked to are disgusted with his actions and not only that but supposedly myself, my brother and uncle, who both work here also, I guess stated the same that it was my dad's fault.   

So I guess that there is the obvious reasons I lost respect for him but the main reason is he shows favoritism over on single employee the one who started Shit with someone else and got my dad fired. This is the main reason I'm choosing to leave this job. Constantly this hot head gets in fights with pretty much anyone for any reason. He thinks someone touched his stuff so he'll go try to fight them.  

Instead of dealing with it the owner will just say ignore him and go back and apologize to him.  

Now that all this Shit happened though I realized I was being extremely underpaid for what I did here. I say did because without the supervisor here anymore there is no direction so I'll just sit my my machine all day. I used to run assembly, paint, shipping , and the bolt room plus machine all for $12.50 now to do all that that's kind of Shit pay. Especially when I program and run my own cnc that's a hell of an under payment for somebody doing that.  

Now that I'm quitting though I'm looking for a job that pays around the same pay I'm getting with added benefits. With my education I have I can get a great job anywhere. I'm just looking for the right place.  

I always planned on moving to Bakersfield California and well now I think I might move that plan up. Just need to figure out my finances and pay a couple credit cards off down a good amount that way I'm not going to need to worry about slot of bills when I move.  

I have become extremely happy though bringing my I don't care attitude to this place has let me get over the stresses here and just setting a date and planning to quit gives me this freeing more relaxed feeling. I have to say looking for another job is a real refreshing thing to me. Since I've had this one and have always had a job since I was legally able to work.  

I know this is a long post but I guess the point to all this is it took me this long to realize this was my job not my career.  So what I'm trying to say I don't put up with bullshit at work there will always be a better job one that you will love doing and will make your career. If you put up with stress at work for too long soon it overcomes you and stresses out your entire life. That's what this place did to me and now that I said fuck it I'm leaving my home life is better and my mood every day is 100 times better.  

Just do what makes you, you.