Some More Bullshit

So again there is more bull at work. I'm quitting after I take my vacation in April. This company fired the best man they will ever of had work for them. Now they are trying to say that people are in agreement with it and that the welder who I will make known his name Don had nothing to do with it. When in fact he started the fucking fight and wouldn't leave when asked. 

Any way I've been talked to because when I smile at Don and say good morning you know being nice and trying not to have Shit start before I quit. Well I guess I smile in a threatening manner. Of all things I never knew good morning was so threatening. So I'm sorry if anyone who reads this if anyone even does but If you do then when I say it on twitter it's non threatening I swear.  

I just don't understand how you can put an employee that is so expendable and is highly disliked and isn't even worth being called a quality employee on such a high pedestal. I mean we are talking about a guy that pisses of truck drivers and anyone he meets because he has resting bitch face and doesn't know how to take a joke. He has high anger problems and starts Shit with anyone. He is as reliable at starting shot for stupid reasons as a second hand is at counting seconds. 

So officially fuck this place this is my last month here. I will not attempt to make my work go by fast or even work hard anymore. I'll work the same pace as the Shit welder who is loved by our boss I guess which is a part a day and the rest of the time I'll sit on my ass like him and play on my phone. Only thing I won't do like Don does is I won't suck my bosses dick.