A Sad Thing

Well recently the plant supervisor who is also my father was fired. Now my views on this are not effected because he is my dad but more so from a business stand point. I am sad he is gone and I don't see him every day now. It eats at me I still work here and he doesn't. I guess I figured I'd be fired before he even retired from here. 

well any way some sort of altercation between two employees, who have been on record to have not gotten along before, took place. My dad told them both to leave after seeing the altercation and the one respectably did so the other did not. My dad threatened to call the police to have him escorted off the premises but instead the other employee called the owner of our company and as soon as he did the owner fired my father. 

  Now the owner says it was because my dad should have known what was going to happen so that's why he was let go. Now most places you threaten somebody or anything that makes others feel uncomfortable you are the one fired not your supervisor.  

In a business stand point both those employees should of been suspended and talked to to determine if you bring them back and put on probation. The supervisor should have been talked to to see what happened and to determine if they could of handled it another way but not fired at least not instantly. If the altercation was provoked by him then that would be understandable but the altercation was provoked by two employees with hot tempers. In this case I'd fire the employees who got into the fight because they are more expendable than a shop supervisor who has been managing this shop Floor for countless years and knows the inside and out of all that goes on and how to fix different problems with parts.  

The sad thing is I already see a slow in production because no one on people about staying busy and keeping on their work. A lot of people stand around and talk even more so now. It's funny the hot head already today was going to pick a fight with I guess you'd call him the new supervisor because we couldn't get the door unlocked and it got closed on accident. So what did this hot head do kick the Shit out of the door and then yell at the new supervisor. He thinks he owns the company now because he was treated as if he was better than my dad and not talked to and put on a suspension so now he believes he has more control than he did. He has always been arrogant and thought he had more power here than anyone else and I guess it was proved so that he does. Now he walks around with his nose in the air and a grin on his face.   

It's sad that this took place and now I feel as if I have to watch around every corner because he dislikes me and will probably try to get me fired.