Holy Peanutbutter Batman.

So I have been wondering a lot lately on why I like to post my thoughts and stupid things I do on YouTube. I believe it's because well for one it's fun and the other is well it makes some people smile making it much more worth it. Another reason is because it puts my ideas out there and people can help me expand then. Not only that but hell you meet new friends that way. Ones you never would think you could of met. Now I have a friend all the way in the UK because he likes my personality on my videos. Which is very cool. 

Thanks to YouTube I have been able to put myself out there even more and get out of my safety shell. That and it's fun putting your creativity out there. I will keep doing it even if I don't have any subscribers. I'm not doing it for fame or popularity. I'm doing so that maybe someone will stumble upon them and smile.  

Oh yeah have I told you that I appreciate you reading these little blurbs I'm posting. You are a spectacular person or well Extra Terrestrial or super smart animals. I really do hope you enjoy my posts and have a wonderful day.