Set Cruise and Enjoy

OK so far I like how this site is starting to turn out. I love how I can post to it from work. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ now time to start doing my videos again too. 

Well I've been thinking about a few things lately. Mostly about where life has taken me and my dreams I have on how I'd like it to turn out. So far hit a few bumps and made some unexpected turns and what not. Ultimately though I believe it's going in a direction I like. I already have one of my dream cars and that's a 1979 VW Campmobile.  

I'm also already on my way to achieving another. Which is to make people smile on a daily basis. I mean my following is small on YouTube, twitter and facebook but if I can make one person smile then possibly they can spread it to another and hopefully make their day better. That's all that matters to me not a huge following but to help make someone's bad day into a good day.