Hiding yourself.

Sorry been a few days. I'm glad to say I am slowly gaining courage. I've been commenting on more pages I follow. Still get nervous though and feel what I'm going to say is stupid or they will read into it and get something I didn't mean. I'm just too shy of a guy and I'm glad to say I'm slowly one step one tiny baby step at a time getting over that. 

It's hard being shy sometimes. I mean trying to talk to someone you find attractive or just a new person that you think is cool. Getting that feeling like I just said something stupid or I'm going to say something stupid.

I'm overly shy. For example there is a person on YouTube I follow that gives me so much inspiration and I always want to say that to them but then I feel like oh it's going to come off as hey sponsor me or something. I also get the feeling like oh what if we could be great friends but if I say this thing that I want to say to them, they'll think I'm an   idiot or something. But then it's like but if I don't talk to them how will I find out if we could be friends. 

Shyness is one of those things that just gets in the way. I've dated a few girls that thought that it was cute but then when it's like, you want to introduce me to your friends what if they don't like me. Then you try to make excuses for why you can't and stuff. I've missed quite a bit because of it and I hope that I can break through it come out of my shell. 

Doing this and YouTube takes slot out of me to post things because I hate my voice and I feel what I write is stupid. So thank you for supporting me by commenting and watching my videos and we'll reading my blog. It me change into who I want to be so thank you so much.