WTF I Just..

Ah good to see you. That's right I can see you. I'm looking at you through your monitor. Lol. No I'm just kidding its through your Webcam. 

Well I have to say I enjoy it here. Posting my thoughts for everyone to read if people actually visit. Lol. No it is fun though. It's a great way to I guess express myself and others can make fun of me.  

Hopefully I will expand my site soon and what not but for now I'll just be stuck talking about midgets having sex with a clown while wearing a fur suit. I mean it's the most interesting kind of porn out there besides tentacle bukakke. (⊙_⊙). 

I really do hope that these posts my humor puts a smile on your face or at least gives you that what the fuck feeling. You know the what the fuck did I just read.  

I will be posting more often now. Well hopefully. (*^o^*)