Always in a Rush?

So the other day I didn't make a post and well that was because I was busy doing other things and just didn't have time. But I guess I'm doing life wrong lol. 

I say this because on my way back from the airport yesterday I was behind this driver that was just going so slow. Well I wasn't in a rush so I just stayed in the same lane. Finally she started to constantly brake and kind of swerve so I decided to pass her. As I made my way around her I glanced over and noticed she was painting her nails while she had her phone rested on her shoulder talking.

I understand we all get in a hurry sometimes but sometimes you need to just say oh well. But making something as small as painting your nails more important than paying attention to the road I just can't understand. I'm sure where ever you were going you could of waited until you got there. 

It's funny I was more concerned with her safety rather than the other drivers.