More pancakes

OK so guess what second post. You ready for another? Of course you are or you wouldn't be here right. Well I'm doing it anyway. 

So I know I have a YouTube channel and what not but this here is the bacon to my bacon so you can have a choice between two great things. See some things I want to say on my channel might be too long or for some reason I can't film like what's been happening. Lol. But here once a day I will post or maybe more who knows. But I can be free to ramble on without worrying someone will interrupt me filming. Plus I can do this at work win win. More ways to see my weirdness and more ways for me to get it out. My weirdness that is unless you are over 18 then let's talk I mean back to the post. 

I appreciate everyone that takes the time to read or watch my thoughts. Maybe one day when I get enough people to make it fun I will do like a raffle thing or something.