Popping the Cherry.

Well here we go it's well I guess time to make my first post. This I feel is both important and not important. Well it's important because this is how the first readers are going to decide if they like me and also not Important because well most people that will be following me later in my posts won't of ever read this probably.

So here we go a meaningful post hopefully not to long and just interesting enough to pull in some readers.  

Well let's see for a first timer I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Mmmpapameowmeow aka. William Blanton. I started this site to hopefully cheer someone up when they need a good laugh. Don't get me wrong some posts and content will be serious but I mostly love to joke around and make weird statements that usually gives my friends and family a smile. You see I've learned one thing so far in my life and that is no matter what when you have a bad day a good laugh can make you smile. That and I have yet to see someone really pissed say bubbles in an angry way. If anyone knows of a video that can show me that well it would be awesome and a great laugh. 

So hopefully I can brighten up someone's day by reading my future posts. Oh yeah, don't ever be afraid to leave a comment or personal message me if you have a question, see a problem with the site or want to complain everything helps make this site better.