More Additions?

Well third post and still feel like doing this which is a good sign. I have been wanting to do this site for a long time now. I'm thinking about incorporating a forum on it one day and making another blog page strictly to talk about games and this one for funny and serious things mostly funny. That and I am thinking about doing a product review page because I know some of the things I have bought I couldn't find a good review for and was iffy with getting them but now that I went for it and got them I'm glad I did. 

You see the problem with slot of reviews is that most of the popular more expensive brands get most of the attention because a lot of reviewers seem to only talk good about sponsored brands and that's one thing I wouldn't do I rather take to the review with as little bias as possible even if in the end I end up liking the cheaper thing more. 

There are so many products and sites that sell these products that seem like oh well it's that cheap I doubt it's any good. Well for me I was the same way until one drunk purchase made me fall in love with using one of those sites. Now some of the original prices are bluffs like originally $480 now $15 but hey that's just them trying to catch your eye.